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Derek Tomblin Creative

About Us

We have 20 years combined experience in the TV,movie and creative industries.

We have worked for movie companies such as Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Cinergi, Mandalay Pictures,Hollywood Pictures, New line Cinema, the BBC, Channel 4,Hasbro Toys and many others.

We have worked for movie directors such as Tim Burton, Richard Attenborough, Danny Cannon, Jeremiah S. Chechik,John R. Leonetti and many others.

We have the confidence and reliability to meet with dead lines,working under pressure and communicating ideas across clearly to people.

You Have Probably Already Seen Our Work

We have carried out work for some very prestigious customers which you may well have seen before. We have built scenery and props for TV and movies such as Sleepy Hollow, Mortal Kombat, Judge Dredd, The Avengers and many others. We have also built stage sets for Elton John and Eric Clapton, as well as TV adverts for various companies.

We have experience working with people from all walks of life from many different backgrounds from all over the world, particularly in the movie, music and entertainment industries.

What we Believe

All design is affected by the interpretation of the viewing and listening public. They decide what looks good and what is popular.

When we take a look at creative design such as - furniture, fashion, interior design ,architecture, graphic design, the automotive industry, movie making and the music industries - certain aspects of these industries start to look and sound very similar. One example - The U.K. is one of the most culturally diverse countries on earth, so why is it that a lot of the cities and town centres look the same? By looking at this website, we hope to challenge these set ideas and rules in every aspect of design.

This website is also an opportunity to express our creative ideas, to change the way people look at design in our world, in doing so to help encourage and change their interpretations and perceptions of what design is - and what it could be in the future. The creative journey can be an eye opener, thus encouraging creativity in people of all ages and all backgrounds from all over the world. This in turn can change the way we see everything in our world.

We live in a world where anything is possible and the indomitable human spirit really can move mountains in order to achieve something worth while. Does the creative journey have to have a set of rules?. If so, this is not true creativity. Rules were always meant to be broken in order for progress. So please, sit back and enjoy our website.

Long live the free and creative spirit.




Derek Tomblin

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